To Be Free Like Birds

I want to be free like these birds

So I can go anywhere on this earth

With no restrictions to funfair

To be free like birds I want

Who fly in the air without fear

How I love to be free like these birds

So I can be relieved of this stress

Caused by this depression

I want to hold hands

Of friends and love ones

Hug and kiss my dear ones

I want to freely move around

With no fear of being harassed by gunmen

But here I am caged in this reality of life

And faced with this enemy of life

That has caused insecurity to all

Making everyone a suspect

This enemy reveled the world of men

Now even the mighty hides in fear

Although many hands are on desk

Fighting and finding ways to put it to an end

Yet many other hands are on air

Looting and amassing wealth to themselves

Many are crying and dying day and night

For fear and hunger that is cleaving to them

While many are happy and smiling

For the evil opportunity gained by it

What now will be my comfort

Where and how do I get my freedom

Oh mighty of all

Come give me freedom again



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