In our today’s world, being productive is mostly affiliated to activities that breeds financial advantages only, which is fickle. As individuals, to be productive is subjective and based on a personal level; what may seem profitable to one person may appear the other way round to another. It is all dependent on our ability to channel our efforts into what will be beneficiary at our ends in whatever way that deems us fit. Bearing in mind that in a time like this where many of us stay at home compulsorily, it’s only necessary that we confine a good part of our time into productive activities.

Below are some relevant activities you could engage in to yield a productive result:

The role technology plays in human development cannot be undermined. With your smart phone, you can easily have access to download countless apps that can help in developing you in several ways. You can search for suitable apps that can aid in suiting into your personal or professional needs.

The positive effects of keeping fit by engaging in physical exercise cannot be downplayed. Owing to the fact most persons spend a large quota of their time resting at home due to the pandemic, it is very vital that one engages in at least one form of physical exercise daily to help activate and boost your mental state. Beginning your day by exercising can help keep you proactive for the rest of the day.

This hardly crosses people’s mind as being something productive to do but it actually is. There are foods we crave or are anxious to have a taste of but haven’t had proper time to test our ability in regard to preparing it. This is a time to make an attempt and also improve your capability to make tasty meals. We can find recipes online and watch several YouTube videos that can be of immense help.

Skill acquisition never falls out of trend. The importance of learning a new skill cannot be over emphasized and there is absolutely no limit as to the number of skills one can acquire. You never can tell how useful a particular skill you reluctantly learn can play out to be very useful to you in the future. There are several skills one can learn, ranging from graphic design, web design, photography, baking, writing, and a host of others.

Over the years, social media has evolved from being a mere platform where people socialize for socializing sake, into a world of its own. Today, we have so many social media influencers making money because they put in conscious efforts into developing their pages by posting relevant and useful contents, this has helped them garner a large number of audience/followers, and also expose them to good opportunities which yields financial benefits. you can thread on this path if you are an ardent lover of social media.

If you desire to always stand above mediocrity, reading should be a way of life for you. Being a vast reader widens your horizon as an individual and makes you stand out. It may interest you to know that there are books which covers every field of life, this is an opportunity to explore the ones which may interest you. For students, this is a rare opportunity to explore books outside your discipline and be well-informed.

Scientific studies have shown that learning a second language increases brain function and stimulates creativity. Your ability to speak a new language intimates you more with the culture. There are several advantages of being a bilingual. Gone are the days when people are rigid towards learning a new language. Be it a foreign or our indigenous languages, it increases your value. There are several apps that can help you in achieving this.

Thankfully, technology has made it easier for us to access vital learning platforms at the tip of our fingers. With your smartphone and a good data connection, you can access diverse free online courses which spreads across different fields and can help in enhancing your knowledge reservoir, this can also earn you certificates which adds value to your CV. There is no constraint to what we should learn, versatility exposes you to better opportunities.

Every human is passionate about something. If you haven’t discovered what you are zealous about doing, this is an opportunity to do so. For those who already know, it is important that you invest more time and energy into building it to the level you desire.

For most people, the year isn’t going as planned but it is not an avenue to hatch up excuses for having a fruitless year. Especially, for students and corp members who do not know when activities will return to normal, it is only advisable that you revisit the plans you made for the year before now, consider ruling out the ones that are obviously not achievable, add up new plan(s), stick to the feasible ones, and just strive towards having a great year irrespective of the situation on ground.

There are a thousand and one productive activities one could engage in, it all narrows down to your interest. Having in mind that there are many of these activities you can carry out effortlessly at your comfort zone, why allow days slip out of your hands without making it profitable? Do not forget the words of Lyndon Johnson, “Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” It’s never too late! You can start on a new page to make everyday count for you.

written by Marvellous Eze


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