Evidently, the world is rapidly growing and changing. On a general note, we tend to highly regard whatever we perceive is of great value to us. Being valuable means possessing certain qualities or traits that presents you as being useful and important. As humans, we are considered to be very valuable, but the fact remains that some are valuable than others, and this is dependent on the conscious effort we put towards self-development and improvement.

Naturally, people get attracted to what they can obviously benefit from. This is why we easily drift away from anyone or anything that has little or no value. When you create value for yourself, you effortlessly attract people to you and this brings a huge sense of fulfillment. Also, it builds your confidence and pave ways for good resources and connections. When you are poised with so much value, it will be difficult to be relegated or pushed to the background. Every human has a particular interest or passion, it is very vital to critically look for possible ways to develop and build it. By doing so, you create value and make yourself more valuable, thereby increasing your worth.

These days, when people make you an acquaintance, they are quick to assess your personality and measure your value. Having the knowledge doesn’t do it all, but your ability to put into practice what you possess and solve real life problems. Being valuable presents you to diverse opportunities, and make you stand out always. Also, it gives you an edge over others and projects you as a creator which others can look up to.

There is no stereotyped way of adding value to oneself. However, do the basics by discovering the creative part of you and exploring it to the fullest. Also, nourish your mind with great ideas and gain more knowledge. Have an open mind towards learning from others, and also sharpen your skills daily. Aim for growth and detest being static.

Considering the rate at which graduates are produced yearly in our country, the relevance attached to certificates has decreased. Being a graduate barely impress most people, rather what you are able to offer. For this cause, it is very important to invest in enriching your capabilities in order to be seen as an asset. More so, put in maximum effort into ensuring that you uniquely stand out and can proffer solutions to problems. In other words, be a problem solver in your niche.

For whatever you hope to achieve, the height of value you create for yourself goes a long mile in determining its feasibility. Being of great value places you above, and gives you the opportunity to add value to others. Explore your ideas alongside hard work, consistency and determination, and watch yourself hitting milestones.

written by Marvellous Eze


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