*Alarm snoozes*

Obiorah reluctantly woke up to the continuous tone of his alarm. He is surprised to realize that it’s 5:30am already. He had to conquer the urge to get more sleep, prepare for work, beat the terrible Lagos traffic so he could get to the office in time. His phone rang, with a wide smile, he answered the call as it was Chima, his best friend calling.

“Chimoo my man!” he exclaimed with a certain kind of excitement in his voice.

“Obi the boss!” Chima replied with same energy.

They had been friends since university days, their friendship was a unique one envied by many. After graduating, they got a job in the city of Lagos, this blossomed their friendship as they even shared the same apartment. It was a grievous moment for them when Chima’s company transferred him to Enugu. Obiorah didn’t think he will survive without having his best friend around as usual, but then, he had to face reality.

His excitement after the call knew no bound, Chima had called to inform him about his plans to spend the weekend in Lagos. His company sent him to represent them in a meeting which was to hold on Saturday. Apparently, he would be staying at his place as against lodging in the hotel the company had already arranged.

Obiorah anticipated the weekend like never before, he was finally going to be with his best friend after a long time and they would catch up on old times as they had a whole lot to talk about. It was Friday already, he drove to the airport to pick him up.

“Obi the don!” he screamed as he hugged him firmly with so much joy written all over him.

“Mehn, you don’t look bad I must confess. It’s so obvious Enugu is treating you nicely” he complimented.

“Guy, you know life in here is stressful. Honestly, since I moved down to Enugu, I haven’t experienced anything close to the terrible traffic I dealt with here in Lagos. Life down there is much easier” Obiorah bragged.

“Nna ehnn, no be say you talk am oh my guy, life here isn’t easy at all as you know. The traffic worsens daily, it’s really not getting funny” he concurred.

“Any how e be, man must survive. But then, see how fresh you still look. It’s obvious this whole Lagos stress got nothing on you” Obiorah teased him.

They both laughed as they drove while they talked about so many things. When they got home, Obiorah suggested that they quickly shower and go out to have fun as it is Friday night, he knew of a lounge, newly opened last weekend at Lekki and was sure Chima would love the place.

“This guy, you haven’t changed a bit, you still have the gift of discovering every new chilling spot in town.” He teased him as they both laughed.

When they got there that night, it was really a beautiful place as Obiorah had indicated, the coloured lights reflected everywhere and he loved the narrow lanes with beautiful flowers which mirrored the colours of the rainbow, at both sides. He enjoyed the melodious tone of music which he nodded his head to subconsciously. Chima was already falling in love with the environment, he took his time to admire the place in bits. Everything about it was worth making one to desire visiting again. They spotted a perfect corner by the bar, a little bit far from the crowd but conducive enough as long as they weren’t separated from the tuneful sound of the music, an order was placed for enough to eat and drink. Behind their table were two gorgeous ladies they met having a nice time before they came. In their usual style, they were able to convince them to join their table. The highlight of their night was already being achieved, they were so carried away in the moment until Obiorah reminded them that the club was getting heated and they couldn’t miss out on that fun. They all moved to continue having the pleasure inside the club. It was more fun than they had expected. Although, Chima was conscious of the fact that he had a meeting to attend by day break. He was more aware of the time even when Obiorah was carried away. After much persuasion from Chima for them to leave, they finally got home by 2:00am.

They were so exhausted to talk about the nice time they had. Chima headed for the room to sleep after he had his bath while Obiorah who was tipsy because he drank more, dozed off on the couch in the sitting room. It was 9:30am already, Obiorah woke up with the urge to continue sleeping but is surprised to realize that he slept off on the couch. He concluded that Chima must have gone for his meeting already as he made an attempt to call him but his number was already switched off.

“This boy is always very serious, he hasn’t changed” he mumbled with a faint smile.

After an hour of relaxing while scrolling through his phone, he headed straight to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast, he succeeded in coming out with toasted bread and tea. After eating and feeling like the greatest chef on earth, he reminded himself that it’s weekend and his plans for the day like getting his laundry done must be achieved. On entering the room, he is shocked to see Chima still lying in bed.

“Ahn ahn! Don’t tell me you are still sleeping, abi have you forgotten you have a meeting to attend this morning?” he said with a firm but friendly voice while he tapped him.

“Come on, I drank double of what you took last night but here I am fully sound and awake, while you are still here dozing off” he continued. He knew Chima had always been one person who loved sleeping, when they lived together, he could cancel an already established plan they had just to continue sleeping, it was one out of the few annoying traits he exhibited.

For a few minutes, he opened his wardrobe to sort out his clothes quickly while he hummed his favourite Drake’s song, suddenly, it dawned on him that Chima didn’t respond to all he said. He quickly rushed to the kitchen and came out with a bowl of water which he sprinkled on him with a bit of irritation.

“Wake up jhoor! See this guy” he yelled. Chima still didn’t move. At this point, a mixed feeling set in. He resulted to shaking him firmly but still din’t get a response. His tensed self quickly pinned his ears to his chest but couldn’t hear his heartbeat.

“Jesus Christ! Chima! Wake up! Don’t do this to me” he screamed with a trembling voice. He tapped him several times while he screamed but his body felt stiff the more like a log of wood, Obiorah didn’t want to give into his thoughts, his friend can’t be dead just like that, he affirmed.

Everything happened at the same time, a thousand thought ran through his mind in a second. He couldn’t comprehend all that was happening, his best friend was dead in his own house? What will he tell the world? Won’t he be held responsible? His brain suddenly went numb for a minute, he got sunk in fear and shock. He realized he’s already sweating profusely, taking his friend to the hospital wasn’t a thought that crossed his mind. He then broke down in tears, staring at his friends lifeless body while he prayed a miracle happened even though doubts beclouded his mind.

He finally summoned the courage to let someone know what’s going on, the police was the first option he considered. Whatever the outcome will be, he was ready to take the blame.

“He…he..lo” he stuttered.

“This is Obiorah calling from No3. Zack Street” he continued with a quivering voice while he narrated the incidence on ground to the police officer. Suddenly, he ended the call before he could get a reply.

He quickly realized his actions, No! He shouldn’t have put that call through.

“What have I done? Wasn’t I supposed to report to the hospital or call his family? Ahhh! They will say I killed him….” He lamented while fidgeting, facing up and feeling death could come take him away as well or get swallowed by the ground. Suddenly, he heard a loud and hysterical laughter, with fear and a loud shout, he headed outside the room, trembling and shaking. He didn’t want to believe he had been pranked. 

Tales by @Marvy


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