5 common mistakes in marketing

Being an entrepreneur makes you a marketer. Hence, if you are not interested in marketing, then you have little or no business in venturing into entrepreneurship. You signed up to be a marketer the very day you embraced being an entrepreneur. Marketing creates and strengthens the link between you, the consumer and your products. However, executing this action wrongly can mare your business within a twinkle of an eye. There are a lot of mistakes marketers or people directly involved in sales make, some of which are:

Laziness in studying your market: Every product is out there to solve a need. Your products are being purchased by consumers because it solves particular needs. You can’t launch the marketing of a product without researching effectively on your customers, it is very important to have a targeted audience. Delving into marketing your products without carefully studying your potential customers will only make your business head for the rock. Therefore, without a proper research, it will be difficult to know who actually need your product. To broaden your knowledge on this, it is important you study what “Buyer persona” is all about. In essence, understand your market and the competition involved. Also, understand people interested in your market, how you can find them and the relevance of this to the growth of your business.

Talking excessively to sell your market: It is very vital that you pay more attention to the needs of your clients, instead of talking much. Understand their demands and address their problems from their own point of view, instead of trying to shove your opinion down their throat. Do not always believe that talking too much will impress your customers and convince them into patronizing you, No! It is their money and decision. So, pay closer attention to what they say and listen properly. When you do so, you’d be conscious enough to use soothing and appealing words on them. Instead of over emphasizing on your idea and trying to prove a point, it’s better to listen. Always bear it in mind that you have competitors, listening appropriately gives you a better room for improvement.

Inconsistency: This is very dangerous! Having understood the needs, and demands of your customers, it is very important for you to be consistent. Consistency reveals you more to the world. What people consistently see, they become curious about and what they are curious about, they make a conscious effort towards checking it out to see if it can meet up to their needs, then they buy it. Have you ever wondered why big, and globally recognized companies like Mtn, Peak milk, Coca-Cola, and its likes still advertise their products consistently in several innovative ways? This is because, they more they display it to your sight, the more you recognize their existence and continue to patronize them. Despite their popularity, the moment they pipe low in regards to marketing, their patronage will definitely reduce. Remember the popular saying “Out of sight is out of mind”? This applies to marketing too.

Not having portfolio(s) for referrals:When you share testimonies about your products and the positive feedbacks you have gotten from customers, what analytics can they hold unto? What can your customers read to be convinced that you are doing a great job based on what others have said? When giving your claims about the positive impact of your products, it should be evidential. It convinces them better and boost the credibility of your products. Learn to gather positive feedbacks from your clients and file them up in a very presentable and convincing way.

Paying lesser attention to customers complaints: It is very necessary to pay attention to the complaints of your clients and understand their grievances against your products or services, it gives you a bigger platform for improvement and development. When you know what your clients are not satisfied with, it is an advantage for you to re strategize to meet their taste and do better. As humans, we learn more from mistakes more than success. Pay more to your mistakes.

In summary, it is pertinent to understand that marketing focuses more on listening, analyzing and interpreting the information gotten from your analysis. As people fondly say, “when you sharpen your axe, cutting down a tree becomes very easy”. You have to understand and assimilate your market for you to be able to sell.

Written by Marvellous Eze
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