“Hmmmn! This is really despicable!” Pastor Jide uttered with his brows squished together in an accusatory frown.
“Bro Samson, I am really disappointed in you! How could you have allowed the devil use you to this extent? You were supposed to act as a role model to these young ones, why let your canal desire surpass your spirit man? I mean, didn’t you think of the consequence of this demonic act? Oh my God!” he lamented just when he firmly dashed his hands against the sofa, and stared at him sullenly.
“Ehhmm…Pastor, I invited you over, so we can look for a better way to handle this matter. It’s really heart breaking for me as a mother, watch my daughter go through this traumatic experience.” Mama slowly confessed.
“I really don’t understand what is going on here. Mama! Are they here for us to settle anything? Shouldn’t we be inviting the police to take this he-goat away from here? Look at the pain he has caused…”
“It’s okay, Amaka. I know you are hurt, I am more pained than you, but we have to look for a better way to go about this without washing our dirty linens outside.” Mama calmly cut in while she gently patted her shoulder to calm her heated nerves.
With a broken heart clothed in regrets and agony, Nenye silently gazed at everyone in the sitting room as they deliberated on her case. To her, their words or action didn’t matter. She was the victim and not them. No matter how much they tried to sympathize with her and claimed to have understood how she felt, they still knew nothing close to a pinch of what she went through. She stared at Samson forlornly, he averted his eyes immediately he caught a glance of her rigid and piercing look. A fresh memory of everything that transpired replayed in her head.
Samson was the leader of the drama unit. Every one sang his praises in the church, many easily tagged him ‘the most dedicated worker.’ He never failed in carrying out his duties effectively, he paddled the affairs of the unit like his personal business that many thought he was on the church payroll. He was always punctual and vigilant in everything he did, he often displayed anxiety towards doing anything that seemed right in the sight of God and man. Behind the ‘spiritual’ Samson everyone knew was also a very gentle and charismatic young buck that complemented his whole awesomeness with his alluring looks. He appeared naturally attractive with his very masculine looks and balanced weight. It was almost normal for every new female member of the drama unit to develop a soft spot for him, but it always faded away when he never looked their direction.
Nenye had a ‘not too obvious’ crush on Samson from the very first day they attended the church. He played the lead role in a very powerful drama that was the highlight of the service. She joined the drama unit as a technique to always have him in sight and get hold of his attention; this played out in her favour. Her charming beauty was irresistible, but contrary to her thoughts, he never presented a desire to be romantically linked with her. This really swept Nenye of her feet. She was awed at his personality and the testimonies of him she heard from other members of the unit really dawned on her. This strengthened her trust in him, he created a comfortable atmosphere that yielded a platonic friendship. She gradually made away with the little erotic feelings she developed from the very first day she watched him passionately display his acting prowess on the alter. Their friendship blossomed flawlessly. She gradually saw him as the brother she wished God blessed her mother with. Samson never failed to grace her house with his presence often, he was always welcomed by Mama and Amaka. They seemed very comfortable with his presence and enjoyed his company more.
In a series of glimpse, there was a shift in the narrative. It was a Monday evening, Nenye had written a script which she needed Samson to read through and validate its worth. She knew she had good writing skills but only wanted a push before she manifested her gift, and Samson didn’t fail in acting as the mighty force. The satisfaction she derived after the completion of the script pushed her to cloud nine and this strengthened her eagerness to see him. On arriving his house that evening, Samson seemed a little down with fever.
“Thank God you are here Nenye. I haven’t had the strength to do anything since morning. Please, help me buy drugs across the road.” He gently requested, feeling enervated.
“But why didn’t you call on me since morning? How could you have waited for me to come over?” She confronted him with a bit of irritation in her voice, after which she rushed out.
In a matter of minutes, she stepped in with some drugs as prescribed by the pharmacists. She served him a cup of tea to take the drugs while she hurriedly rushed to the kitchen to prepare something edible. Samson who already felt better was bewildered when he perceived the scintillating aroma that raced out of the kitchen. In a short while, Nenye was out with a well garnished plate of jollof rice, she beckoned on him to quickly sit up.
“Honestly, I’m sorry I had to put you through…”
“What are you trying to say? Stress? You and I know you will do much more for me. I’m even still upset with you for not putting a call through before now. Just get better, so I can know where to scold you from” Nenye said just when she abruptly interrupted him.
“This girl, you’re hilarious” he muttered with a smirk.
While he munched his meal slowly, Nenye delightedly narrated how she succeeded in writing the script. They chatted in loud tones which echoed in every corner of the room. The atmosphere seemed stuffy few minutes after the power interruption, Nenye reluctantly unbuttoned her top, leaving her shinny undershirt when Samson quickly stood up to open the curtains. An uneasy feeling grasped him when he looked back to behold a better part of her cleavage at a close range for the first time. She paid close attention to her phone without noticing how he stared at her lustfully. She didn’t still have a glimpse of him, She quickly headed for the restroom. At this point, he was deeply lost in a concupiscence feeling which subdued him into erotism. Nenye who was oblivious of the lascivious behaviour Samson exhibited alone in the room, innocently stepped out with her face still glued to her phone while she naively adjusted her skirt. She lost focus immediately she faced up to behold the horrible sight of Samson who stood helplessly without his pants. 
“Jesus!  Samson! What’s this? Are you normal?” She fiercely inquired in a trembling voice.     
He quickly moved towards her with his erection pressed hard against her stomach. She didn’t believe that he could conceive the idea of sexually violating her. He held unto her tightly, Nenye who was still in the state of disbelief yelled at him to set her free, but he grabbed her more firmly and pinned her to the floor. Her effort to struggle appeared futile as she felt like multiple arms rigidly held her. His weight almost suffocated her, she cried solemnly with her eyes shut as he forcefully went in and out of her while she laid helplessly. She felt deep pains that ran through her spine, she didn’t think there was a more cruel way of losing her pride as a woman.
“Sister Nenye” Pastor Jide called in a tender manner.
She appeared lost in thoughts and absent-minded. Her sorrowful walk into the past was precipitously cut short when she felt a light touch on her shoulder, Amaka rubbed her back gently.
“Sister Nenye, I can’t say I know how you feel but honestly, I share deeply in your pain. I was really heartbroken when your mother informed me about the ugly incidence. It dawned on me that the devil is really out to destroy the church, but we will be more fervent in prayers, he will not succeed.” Pastor Jide proclaimed like he said a word of prayer.
“Nenye, I am truly sorry for what I did. I feel so ashamed of myself and stupid at the same time. I know that no amount of apology can undo what I have done. But please, find a place in your heart to forgive me. I have never done this before, I don’t know how the devil succeeded in using me” He slowly pleaded as he dissolved in tears.
“Samson! I don’t know why you are shedding this deceptive tears now. Didn’t you see that of my sister when you forcefully abused her? You deserve to rot in jail, Bastard!” Amaka fired with her voice clipped and filled with a dark rage.
“Amaka, I have told you to calm down. Do you want our enemies to laugh at us? Do you want to make your sister a laughingstock in this town? I know this is not ordinary, the hand of the enemy is involved but we will put him to shame” Mama said in a weary tone.
“As for you bro Samson, you are going to be severely punished. I and the committee members will look into this deeply and know the next line of action. I am really disappointed in you!” Pastor Jide declared as anger crept into his hoarse voice.
Still in silence, Nenye watched as they continued in a deliberation that seemed fruitless to her. For all she knew, the damage had been carried out and the pain was hers to live with till eternity. The path of justice wasn’t to be toed as the church had an image to protect and her family name couldn’t be cheaply put on the lips of outsiders to mock. 
Tales by Marvy


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