Living in Bondage: Breaking Free is a thrilling movie that has made waves since its release in 2019, and a sequel to the unforgettable and remarkable Living in Bondage produced in 1992.  I consciously had to reminisce on the old movie and refresh my memory on the story before I proceeded to watch its sequel. Breaking free is basically a movie that highlights the unquenchable desire of men to make quick wealth and fame through filthy means, it goes further to project the devastating end result of their actions. 
Well, I love how the plot of this movie connects directly to the old one, I found it really amazing, and without mincing words, Ramsey Noah did a great job in his directorial debut. It was classic and topnotch! 
Particularly, I loved the setting of the movie. As I watched how most of the characters spoke Igbo flawlessly, it gladdened my heart, and the Igbo songs used as soundtracks gave it a unique shade of beauty; especially, ‘Tene’ by Larry Gaga Ft Flavour. Being an Igbo girl, it made me connect and relate better to the story. 
I enjoyed most of the characters, but my favourite was Nnamdi Okeke played by Swanky JKA in his break out role. I looked forward to seeing him in every scene, and I can boldly say that he’s one to look out for in the Nollywood industry. 
Oh well, I can’t exempt the brotherly love displayed by Nnamdi and Toby played by Shawn Faqua, it was deep and even got me emotional. I actually shed a tear towards the ending part. 
Although, the plot for me didn’t appear ‘Mind blowing’. It seemed almost like the regular Nollywood story. It only came off a bit different for the fact that Richard William, the villain, and head of ‘the six’ secret cult didn’t die (A continuation of the story could be created if they wish). 
I didn’t enjoy the character of the journalist, Uzoma, played by David Jone David. I struggled hard to relate with his role. He appeared a bit extreme, and it made his character a turnoff. 
After watching the movie, I found it really surprising as to why and how ‘the six’ secret cult, which was demonic, and exuded spiritual powers was being tackled by the law and not a spiritual body or authority as the case may be. 
Andy Okeke made it clear that Richard William initiated him into the cult, twenty-seven years ago, why did Richard still appear very young after several years? I expected him to look older, just like Andy. Oh well, let me assume he fed on blood, which made him ageless.   
Regardless, the movie didn’t fall beyond my expectations. It appeared exceptionally good with little flaws though. It’s a 70/100 for me. 
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