Movie Review: Key Lessons in The Bling Lagosians

I heard about this movie before now and how its praises was sung by many. I feel terrible to have watched it this late, but it’s better late than never, right? Let’s get started!

The Bolanle Austen-Peters produced movie depicts the realities in the city of Eko. Basically, it centers on the Holloway’s, a very influential family in the city of Lagos. Mr Akin (Gbenga Titiloye) who is the head of the Holloway’s empire recklessly mismanages the company funds. As the company sets to hit the rock, his wife Mope (Elvina Ibru) is more concerned about her 51st birthday party which she wishes to make the talk of the town by lavishing millions of naira.

The storyline isn’t “mind blowing” as it’s not farfetched from what we are used to, but it’s being told in a unique and almost excellent manner with power packed lessons which makes it stand out. It is quite applaudable that this movie is able to hint on the glaring segregation in Nollywood. Most people are quick to condemn those Asaba movies for obvious reasons and sing praises of cinema movies. However, we are quick to forget that they have their targeted audience who may find it difficult in relating with cinema movies we commend. Therefore, those Asaba movies should be accommodated despite their excesses.

The bling Lagosians does justice in projecting the desire of some humans in always trying to appear perfect and impress, thereby, living in full blown pretense. Ngozi Gomez (Monalisa Chinda) poses as a wife to a multimillionaire and flaunts money around, meanwhile her husband rots in jail over his involvement in some illegal businesses. Oge Briggs (Winihin Jemide) presents herself like a saint amongst her clique and attempts to rub Mope’s downfall to her face, even when she is a scarlet woman.

This movie emphatically buttresses on how jealousy takes the lead in most friendships. The downfall of the Holloway’s brings cheerfulness amongst their supposed friends, and well-wishers. Therefore, it’s important to be careful of your clique of friends as not everyone desires to see you remain on the spotlight.

The issue of infidelity which is unarguable a part of our society is highlighted. The downfall of Akin Holloway is largely attributed to his covetous act of having an affair with his best friend’s wife, and this pushes him into plotting his downfall.

Ever heard someone say “What you get for free, you may place little or no value on”? This is exactly the case of Akin. He recklessly misuses the company funds and doesn’t work hard as expected because everything came on a platter of gold. One could easily foretell that Akin will be diligent and upright in running the affairs of his new company after losing his empire to his imprudence.

 Lastly, the end of this movie points at one fact; the ability to determine our happiness in life lies in our hands. We should always not allow our situation define us. It’s not a crime for to fall, but your ability to bounce back is what matters; don’t let your situation pin you to the ground. Mope’s birthday is ruined by the downfall of the Holloway’s empire, just when her haters thinks her end is near, she proves them wrong by going on with her party.  Mr Akin falls back to a building a business from the scratch, irrespective of his status.

The Bling Lagosians is a movie worth seeing as it touches life realities that are relatable and  passes significant messages beyond what is stated here. It is a movie that gives you a cause to deeply reflect on some real life issues, this makes it a must watch!

Written by Marvellous Eze

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