Movie Review: The significant lessons in ‘The Train’ by Damilola Mike Bamiloye

The Mount Zion film industry is known to have produced a good number of edifying Christian movies which has impacted lives worldwide. Their most recent movie “The Train” which has been making waves since its release early this month is a ‘must watch’ for every Christian. When I heard about the movie, I was a bit reluctant towards watching it but after reading so many positive comments about the movie, I decided to see it and I have no regrets.

The movie is a biopic of Pastor Mike Bamiloye which awakens our consciousness and intentions towards life. It captures his life from childhood till the creation of the Mount Zion ministry and the circumstances and events which surrounds the birth of this great ministry. The 2hours 44 minutes video is one that will make you laugh hard but still give you a deeper reflection about life and its entirety. For me, I enjoyed the character who acted as the little Mike. I almost got paranoid when he transformed into an adult; he really did an amazing job.

Personally, I tagged the movie ‘the faith booster’ because it’s a factual story that projects practicable lears to be learnt about the Christian faith and life at large. Below are some very significant lessons the movie highlights:

To start with, it points at the fact that anyone God destines for greatness will surely be great as long as you walk in line with God’s purpose for your life. Mike attains Greatness because he never deviates at any point from the will and purpose of God for his life.

More so, it explicitly projects the essence of faith as a virtue every Christian must possess and most importantly; faith without work is a fruitless deed. One can attribute the success of Mike to the unending faith he has in the power of God and the evident efforts he put towards achieving his vision.

Also, this movie hints on the idea that the ways of God a times may seem foolish to a man but if heeded to accordingly, yields the wisest result. For many, Mike’s decision to quit working as a school teacher and focus as a drama minister seem like the most imprudent idea or decision he can ever make. But he decides to follow the will of God, knowing that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of man and everyone doesn’t have to share in his vision for it to be valid.

An African adage says ‘if you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together”. A vision or dream can’t be achieved alone, you need people! The vision of establishing the mount Zion ministry wasn’t achieved singularly. He carries the willing along and this contributes to its growth and success.

Most times, in achieving our dreams, we may be discouraged by people we revere the most but we shouldn’t be deterred. Felicia, Mike’s only sister whom he trust the most stands as the strongest force in derailing his vision because it makes no sense to her but he keeps pushing till he hits his goal.

Trust in God always, man can fail you! Mike hopes fully in his sister and her ability to make his magazine launching a success but she bashes his hopes. Afterwards, what the bible says about trusting in God solely becomes more glaring to him.

It is worthy to note that the efficacy of prayer cannot be underestimated; it is powerful. Severally, the efficacity of prayer is revealed in this movie. Especially when Mike’s drama group is given a longer time to perform their drama as against the presupposed time and strikingly, when the title of his first movie is revealed to him ‘Agbara Nla’ (Ultimate Power).

Lastly, this movie alludes to the importance of marrying someone who shares in your vision, believes in it and is willing to support it. At every given point, Gloria supports the aspiration of Mike’s drama ministry. Even when his family and hers chastises him for choosing that path, she stands as a pillar of support in all ramification.

In summary, “The Train” is a movie that helps in strengthening one’s faith in God and gives a deep insight and revelation about life. It offers everyone several reasons to do a self-assessment in order to examine if we’re fulfilling our purpose on earth and serves us diverse reasons to continue chasing our dreams and aspirations in life without leaving the God factor behind. It’s highly recommended for every Christian.

Written by Marvellous Eze


  1. It takes a whole lot grace to do we what God wants, after seeing this movie…I prayed..told God to help me do that which he desires and not what I desires….he should help me follow him not minding if it pleasing to me or not

  2. The journey of faith is a tough one.
    A good wife is a blessing to any Man.
    Always know your source, seek revelation.
    The hardest step in destiny is the first one.
    It's never too late to return back to God.

    ThnTha for this review. ?

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